Carol Sloane

Jazz Singer


Carol Sloane

I Never Went Away

by Dan Singer
UK, February, 2002

First off a confession: I've been a fan of Ms. Sloane for many years. I can honestly say she has never made a bad record. The trouble is that her recording output is so few and far between. Let's for this moment just be joyous with this solid and enchanting fresh treasure. The eleven songs contained here are masterpieces all. Her quintet of master musicians are worth mentioning: reedman Bill Easley, piano/arranger Norman Simmons, guitarist Paul Bollenback, bass Steve LaSpina and on drums Kenny Washington. The love and delicacy convyed on "Deep Purple" (DeRose/Parish) for example is spellbinding. This song mever had it so good. The title song is by Sir Richard Rodney Bennett has always been a favorite of mine with its haunting and wistful mood, and when it is sung by Carol, it once again brings to my mind what a genius this composer/pianist is. "I'll Buy You A Star", the Dor! othy Fields/Arthur Schwartz so! ng from "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" swings along its very natural merry way unstoppable even by Arnold Schwartzeneger. Thanks again, Carol, for takin the time out of your busy schedule to favor us with a most satisfying platter.